The What Where When of Living in San Antonio

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I love a real estate challenge.  The home at 222 Herweck had been on the market almost a year with two other agents. In that time, there had hardly been any showings, no open houses and very little interest. Once I got the listing, marketed […]

Self Care In San Antonio

Self Care In San Antonio

Inspired by Selfie Podcast, I’ve been working on consistency in my self care. This is a quick list of the who and what I love here in San Antonio to help me  take care of me. HAIR Matthew Lopez at Bixa Hair Studio takes me from […]

The No Brunch Mothers’ Day

The No Brunch Mothers’ Day

This is my first Mothers’ Day without my mom. While she always told me I could spend Mothers’ Day any way I wanted, I liked going to brunch with her. She loved spending the morning at a restaurant with flowers, wait staff in tuxedos, and desserts as far as the eye could see. Having all of us with her, all dressed up…she loved that.

This year I want to start new traditions. I want to stay in the San Antonio area but try things we’ve never done as a family.

1. Maybe a ropes course and  zip lining with my husband and kids so that Mothers’ Day will include an activity they will remember. We’ve all zip lined before, but at different times and locations. For Mothers’ Day, we can go to Natural Bridge Caverns and spend the morning challenging our fears TOGETHER.

Natural Bridge Caverns Rope Course and Zip Line


2. I was out of town for the opening of San Pedro Culture ParkIt looks incredible and I can’t wait to check it out. Being down town in the city I love with the people I love on Mothers’ Day sounds like perfection.

3. I’d like to head out to Confluence Park for a 10 a.m. yoga class. Alone. Then have the family meet me for a picnic and bike ride around the missions. Right there are three of my favorite things in San Antonio; Mobile Om, downtown parks, and user friendly bike rentals.

Confluence Park

4. It would be really great to just watch Netflix or Amazon Prime Video uninterrupted on Sunday. Just let the day go on without me, while I catch up on Jane the Virgin, New Girl, Hello Ladies, or The Newsroom. I’m a sucker for quirky writing and humor.


What are your plans? Any “non-brunch” ideas you’d like to share?

Regardless of how you spend your Mothers’ Day,  take time to love on your friends and family.  Make some memories!