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Two Local Spots

Two Local Spots

Two great local businesses I want to tell you about right now.

Moshe’s Sides

One…just got back from lunch at Moshe’s Golden Falafel. Have you been there? It’s at 3910 McCullough between the traffic circle and Hildebrand. Mediterranean food speaks to my soul and there is nothing more comforting than Moshe’s plate of perfectly cooked falafel surrounded by a thousand different flavors of side dishes. There’s turmeric hummus, baba ghanoush, chick peas with mint, spicy carrots, roasted veggies, pickled veggies…just about any texture and flavor imaginable. And all taste amazing with the falafel. Moshe’s is owned by Chef Andrew Weissman. (The Luxury, Signature) Moshe’s is extremely casual (order and pay at the counter) with bright walls and help yourself drinks. And now they serve breakfast. Essentially, you could eat for four or five hours straight at Moshe’s and never get bored.

Meg’s hand made cards


Two…I had been following Belle & Union on Instagram and really excited to check it out. This beautiful gift store in the Quarry Village is owned by Meg and her husband Josh. It’s more than a gift store, it’s a place for Meg to showcase her passion and talent in graphic design.  Many of the products in the store are her creation. ALL of the gift cards are her creation and lovingly crafted on her own letter press. It’s also a place of community. They offer workshops. The last letter press workshop was sold out, but I’m signed up for the succulent class “The Art of Growth” next week.

Tons of natural light and many interesting items to keep your attention.

If you are looking for a new place to grab a unique gift, check out Belle & Union!

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