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Top 5 Gift Ideas Right Here in San Antonio

Top 5 Gift Ideas Right Here in San Antonio


Tomorrow is May 1st. MAY 1ST!!! Can you believe?

While I love that this month brings so many celebrations (Mothers’ Day, Teacher Appreciation, Graduations), sometimes the thought of gifts to commemorate these days can get overwhelming. This year I’m getting organized and here are the 5 locally owned businesses I will be gift buying from during this happy season. So thankful we have these locals to support!


Feliz Modern is a favorite. There’s a gift for every occasion. Birthdays, Mothers’ Day, Teachers, Graduates…the ideas are endless.  I have bought housewarming, baby, 40th birthday gifts, decor for my 9 year old’s room, for my 16 year old’s room…you can’t just go through it one time and be done. Nothing dull in here, folks. Just modern, happy, vintage, quirky and all good things.

Check out their Instagram. It will most certainly brighten your day.

Located just off the Olmos/McCullough circle at 110 W. Olmos.


I’m a huge fan of the Noonday products and mission. When you purchase accessories from Noonday, you’re not only supporting your local Noonday representative (Ambassador), you are supporting women artisans from around the world who are empowered by Noonday. I support my San Antonio Noonday Ambassador friend, Meredith. This is how happy I am with what I’ve bought from her:

For Mothers’ Day delivery, you need to shop by May 1st. But let me tell you, these accessories are great for all occasions.






There are many reasons Local Coffee has grown to 7 locations – amazing service, delicious coffee and tea, and each location has its own incredible aesthetic.  All of that is great, but did you know they have a monthly coffee subscription? A subscription to this locally roasted coffee would be a great gift for anyone. Also, wearing Local/Merit gear exponentially increases your coolness factor .

Merit Coffee Subscription
Merit/Local Coffee Gear
Local/Merit Gift Card


They may not be the OFFICIAL clothing line of San Antonio, but every piece is San Antonio to the core. I just purchased this onesie as a baby gift:

When I went to buy more BarbacoApparel at the King William Fair, their booth had a line similar to the chicken on a stick and beer lines. Lots of San Antonians want their BarbacoApparel. We got this t-shirt and I regret not buying more because all of us are fighting over it. 5. Moon Mippy

Moon Mippy is a great source for universal kinds of gifts. And now they’ve relocated to Alon Marketplace. Here are a few ideas I’m looking at for Mothers’ Day and graduations:

For Graduation


For Teacher Appreciation or Mothers’ Day
For Graduation

This is just a sample of local businesses you can support this gift giving season.

What’s your favorite local gift idea business?


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