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Summer Nights in San Antonio

Summer Nights in San Antonio

The panic has set in. Summer vacation is here. My goal this summer is to minimize Fortnite and those weird zombie eyes my kids get when they’ve been gaming and YouTubing all day. We need evening activities for the whole family (and for date nights). […]

Honoring Veterans

Honoring Veterans

Me·mo·ri·al Day məˈmôrēəl ˌdā/ noun a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered, traditionally observed on May 30 but now officially observed on the last Monday in May. It’s easy to forget why we have this three day weekend coming […]

Self Care In San Antonio

Self Care In San Antonio

Inspired by Selfie Podcast, I’ve been working on consistency in my self care. This is a quick list of the who and what I love here in San Antonio to help me  take care of me.


Matthew Lopez at Bixa Hair Studio takes me from this:

to this:

Not even exaggerating. Matthew is really that good. He has great people working with him who are also crazy talented. Another thing I like and respect about Bixa is they are consistently environmentally conscious. Check out their website to see all of the effort they are making to create sustainable beauty. Follow them on Facebook  and Instagram . 


A couple of weeks ago, I had my first facial in years.  I went to Annette at  Tr3s Salon on Bitters near Blanco. Annette has taken care of my brows for a long time and I believe in her skills and knowledge. It was so great to be pampered for an hour. And my face feels SO MUCH SMOOTHER since my facial. Another thing I like about Annette is that she uses plant based products, not tested on animals. I am SO HAPPY with how my skin looks and feels. You can reach Annette directly at 210-844-9387. If you haven’t had a facial in a while, I highly encourage you to take that time for yourself. It really is worth every minute. Also, if you’re looking for an eyebrow magician, Annette’s your girl.


One constant in self care for me is running.

It used to be I had the same route, over and over. Once my running group changed, once I stopped running to race and just started  running for peace of mind, I began looking for new routes.  San Antonio has really stepped up its running game. Have you seen this? Walkers, bikers, runners, strollers… there’s a trail for everyone! Even 15 minutes of fresh air can breathe life into what seems like a miserable day. Get out there and try it! It makes me proud to see my city taking the health and happiness of its citizens so seriously.

While I’m not as consistent as I could be, I’m definitely a fan of an at home yoga practice. A great resource for yoga at any time of the day is Daily Om.  There is yoga for every style, length of time, and experience on this website. And a really cool thing is that you determine how much you pay. (There’s literally a dollar amount option on the button you click to order.)

If a yoga community in San Antonio is what you may be searching for, I’ve had really great classes by Mobile Om and Total Harmony Yoga. 

So, those are things I actually do. Here are a couple of things I know I need to do and plan on starting in my effort to improve self care:


I have not made massage a priority. That needs to change. There are so many benefits including stress release and injury recovery and prevention. I’ve known Jenny Rice, LMT  for several years and she has recently set up her practice in the Monte Vista area. Check out her website and her blog. She has a lot of great information about why you and I really need to make an appointment with her.


Why can’t I commit to this? I’ve read that as little as five minutes a day can make an impact. I have this app on my phone and I stare intently at it every morning. “Today is the day” I tell myself. Every. Day.

What do YOU do to take care of YOU?





The No Brunch Mothers’ Day

The No Brunch Mothers’ Day

This is my first Mothers’ Day without my mom. While she always told me I could spend Mothers’ Day any way I wanted, I liked going to brunch with her. She loved spending the morning at a restaurant with flowers, wait staff in tuxedos, and […]

Top 5 Gift Ideas Right Here in San Antonio

Top 5 Gift Ideas Right Here in San Antonio

  Tomorrow is May 1st. MAY 1ST!!! Can you believe? While I love that this month brings so many celebrations (Mothers’ Day, Teacher Appreciation, Graduations), sometimes the thought of gifts to commemorate these days can get overwhelming. This year I’m getting organized and here are […]

Time for a Shared Workspace?

Time for a Shared Workspace?

Starting my own business and giving up morning coffee. Two HUGE decisions I’ve made recently. Somehow in this cruel world (just kidding, the world is not cruel – only a little grumpy until I get over that morning non caffeine hump), finding a space to work without interruption involves a place that smells of delicious coffee and baked goods.

Maybe it’s time to set up in a shared office space? What would be the benefits? Is a shared work space a huge commitment? Here’s what I’m learning so far: per Yelp,  San Antonio has LOTS of these communities to choose from. It’s by no means a new concept, I just didn’t realize how on board we were.


Their mission statement, “We provide an environment where we empower and inspire innovators in order to transform our world for the better.”

Downtown Geekdom seems to be the largest in many ways of these shared environments. You can rent a community space starting at $50 a month. And they have helpful staff, no contracts, no long term commitments. They are in a constant mode of partnership and community involvement. And free Rosella coffee.  (Brilliant)

Moade Center

Moade Center is close to the airport and has convenient parking. Prices are a little higher (starting at $75 a month) but could that be worth not having to deal with downtown parking? Support staff on location. Funny, they also offer coffee. 


The Impact Guild

I came across this workspace in social media recently.  When you join The Impact Guild, you can choose an entrepreneur to donate a portion of your first month’s rent. Not just any entrepreneur, but an entrepreneur around the world supported by KIVA microloans. Read about Kiva microfunding here:

This shared workspace offers “Lunch and Learns” and creative team opportunities. It is located at 708 W. Summit. This is a great location for downtown and near Loop 410. Shared  space starts at $75 a month.

“Our vision is to spark conversations and equip people to use their skills, passions
and vocations to engage real-world needs.”

Venture X

I really like this aesthetic from the outside. I can see how entrepreneurs outside 1604 would find this location useful. Also, the prices seem to be competitive and reviews are great. The difference is that it runs as a franchise. Not sure if the member benefits would transfer to other locations. Also, coffee.

Here is their mission statement, it’s a little less overwhelming than others I’ve seen.

It’s our mission to help people succeed and enjoy a fulfilling and rich life in doing what they love

VenturePoint Medical Center

This would have been very useful during my pharmaceutical rep days.  Hours and hours in my car and hospital lobbies trying to log in, update, make phone calls, arrange lunches….

I think the interior is a little distracting, but I would definitely get over it if my business kept me in the medical center area. Very convenient!

The common theme throughout these shared work spaces is that they have staff support, membership without long term commitment, and opportunities to network with likeminded entrepreneurs and small business owners. And coffee.

I’d love to know if you use one of these spaces or another here in the San Antonio area!

19.74 acres in Lytle

19.74 acres in Lytle

19.74 acres in Lytle. Two tanks, partially cleared, 25 minutes from Downtown San Antonio. Message Kristin Bengoechea for details 210-710-3884  

Great Bones in Castle Hills

Great Bones in Castle Hills

Here’s a video walk through of a home in Castle Hills. 5 bedroom with “maid’s quarters” and casita.  This one has great bones! Let me know if you’d like to make an appointment to see it. Kristin Bengoechea 210-710-3884 Posted by Kristin Bengoechea, Realtor on […]

Three Perfect Days in San Antonio for Out of Town Guests

Three Perfect Days in San Antonio for Out of Town Guests

Just a few years ago, when friends came in from out of town and wanted to “see San Antonio”, we would drive them toward downtown, park in a concrete garage, and march down the stairs toward the Riverwalk. Eat at a chain restaurant, jump on a tour boat. Get out to see the Alamo (THAT’S the Alamo? Across the street from the wax museum?!)

Now, with friends coming to visit soon, the opportunity to show off my city has me EXCITED! San Antonio, all 300 years of it, is truly a remarkable home town.

These are the activities we are planning during our Boston friends’ brief pre-Fiesta visit:

Photo: San Antonio Mural Ride

East and West of downtown, there are beautiful murals everywhere you look. I’ve wondered about the stories of the artists and their creations. One morning we are going to do the San Antonio Mural Ride. (more…)